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This article shows the framing a complex roof and minimal post supports needed,

when building roof first. Instead of on the ground, these are built in place. The Roof First approach was a solution to rapid housing used by Dr. George Nez ( an author of book on this building method ). Building a roof gives displaced persons a protected space that can be infilled with native styles and material. Better than a tent! in terms of speed it takes three days to construct a shell. And with multiple shells like this about a day or 2 for the additional shells.

Construction time by effort

Gather material: cement, latex, tension fabric

  1. build frame, Weave fabric over frame
  2. mix cement, water latex and brush on weaved fabric. Let sit til next day
  3. repeat part 2 adding sand to thicken mix, Let sit til next day
  4. repeat part 3, paint or leave natural.


Post to raise roof off ground.

Framing Framing with gables

Framing Framing with batwing, same same basic frame as gables. There is a gable between batwing type.


This small 12x24 frame only ‘house’ was for beekeeping. Hives would take place of walls. Type of stacked AZ hive boxes open from the side and not the top. AZ hives are great for those with handicaps or back issues.

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