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Simple Hypar House

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HyPar Ted

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This article shows the simple gable style roof.

This is so plain looking after my Frank Lloyd Wright inspired designs. Total savings on glass and post costs, in this design. O.k. maybe, a door and a small window should be added. A center post would not be too much. One would be needed anyway to prop up the center during construction. And, if not too careful, main post would be stuck in the cement and latex anyway. I have seen examples where center post was just left in place and built around.
Limecrete would have been used originally so the stone stem wall would have been added later once the erosion starts from the bottom up. Currently researching using aircrete in place of limecrete. Aircrete will go up much faster, days verse months, but would be more costly. I already have a few tons of limestone rock and acres of hardwood scrub trees, in need of thinning, to make quicklime for the limecrete.
FLW. Here is an earthship like front to the simple HyPar house. Got to visit one in Nebraska during a short heat wave. Place was a solar oven!!! It was an older style earthship that did not divide the growing bed from the rest of the house. My idea uses the newer idea in earthships to be able to seal off the heat to front sunny side of the house, like a large airlock.

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