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And Then there was Three

HyPar Ted

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This article shows the design of multiple single shell hypars.


This is design which is based on a small cabin made for Seth Peterson by Frank Lloyd Wright. Heavy reversions and adding a third shell for bedroom. This is not a polished 3d model I cut and pasted, rotated the shell to see how it looked. Also, used this project to see how low I could go on the lower point as a study in space.

As seen in the original design, lots of glass: glass and posts greatly increased cost, with 3rd HyPar shell added. This lead me to look past FLW ideas. HyPar designs which save posts and glass costs could use the starter unit idea developed during my F.L.W. phase. Best way to remove both posts and glass was to rotate the shells so the individual shells could join on the horizontal beams. So started a renewed idea to form shells, facing each other for shared supports.

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