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HyPar Ted

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This article shows the design of single shell hypars.


This is design which is based on a small cabin made for Seth Peterson by Frank Lloyd Wright but modified to be more sun shielding for a Southerner. Solar gain problems was shown after adding solar angles to the software base. The first version of this cabin which basically copied the layout of Frank Lloyd Wrights of the Seth Peterson cabin. So changes where made to block better the West sun. Those changes moved Great Room to the East side, made kitchen more open, and leaving bathroom behind the glossy wooden paneling. The high wall of cabinets on West facing side provide extra layers to slow heating.


As seen in the original design lots of glass and little between outside and inside along this west side wall.

Single starter unit

This redesign was developed supporting only a 14x14 single hypar, like a tiny cabin. the tall cabinet to the left of red refrigerator starts as a Murphy bed. There is room for a sofa in-front of bathroom wall.


The second HyPar unit with the fireplace can be added later like the 3d model shows, was thinking I could leave this section open without walls and floor to ceiling glass ( stuff is expensive !! ) with fireplace like a Texas BBQ pit. This leads to a third unit for bedroom, which is the next post.

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