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Complex Hypar House

Many Hypars together

HyPar Ted

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This article shows a different HyPar styles and sizes joined into larger home.

This layout came from a triple wide modular home. One look at the video on the internet I knew a hypar model could be made to exactly same space. In that modular home the master bathroom was 15x15. Incredible sized bathroom. I could make a starter unit with just the master bathroom of this home. Ranch

Inside before walls placed. lots of natural views in center great room.


Same house with a Tully type HyPar up front, replacing role of half a hat HyPar from the first image. Liking the change to the Tully type HyPar I came up with an idea to place another on the otherside of a center gable. That new idea was my June-July 2020 effort for part three.

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