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This article shows a current project in development June-July 2020, and is a favorite.

This roof can use interior layout from multiple double wide modular homes that are 28x56, but nothing seen matches up with the joints between HyPar sections which is preferred, cost saving for dual use supports. Lots of good ideas from some modular homes for master suite and master bath can fit under the Tully HyPar and match supports. The garage has moved to different location in effort to use the shade and privacy. The garage location in this version was an effort to duplicate the look of a house saw online that shared very similar roofline. Like it so much I changed to circle windows for the gables and move the garage same location as actual look-alike.

Here is the view from the east side. The Tully hypar type covering the two small gable ends and joined to the larger center gable type HyPar. Notice the light in the yard, ignore that, the garage used to be there. This is a work in progress.

A friend and I bought an used 3d printer, so this roof was isolated from the house and a project to convert from this 3d modeling software to 3d printer type. This is my template for 3d printer to use.


Time to raise the roof! I prefer a less tall roof for ease of construction. But, nice to see what is possible. Tall roof does improve the look of this one. Ranch

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