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Complex Hypar House

Many Hypars together

HyPar Ted

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This article shows a grouping of complex mostly gable style roofing.

Yeah, think it needs more green! Do not know why I never change the wall color on this monster sized hypar roofed house. I was concentrating on the problem of jointing offset and different sized gable roofs. Did you see the breezeway roof between the the large garage like gable roof to the right, and the main great room of the house? That was the project I wanted to solve. On the far side the jointing was solved by a Tully hypar, more about Tully below.

FLW. Here is a tully hypar named after the man who used it to solve the problem of jointing pairs of gable ends to something else. Without a Tully topper hypar, water would collect in the valley.

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