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Future HyPar projects

Ideas on future projects.

HyPar Ted

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This article lists the types of monthly projects, and direction in the near future.

September 2020

The WAVE A fresh idea that came to me on using HyPar shell on its side. It is a different set of challenges, but shell is fully balanced.

October 2020

Solar was going to be September project on solar energy collection using hypar shaped structures. When setting up the parameters of solar project, That started with a generic hypar shape on its side as a solar reflector. Realized, it had roofing potential on its own, so investigating its usefulness as ‘the Wave.’

November 2020

Vote 4 HyPar In the Fall, I try and physically build one of the 3d models as a practice, not full sized. It Could be for a dog house, equipment cover, Chicken pen cover, etc. or a full size part of a larger structure like a bay for the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired ideas. So come early November, I have to decide what to build over the more comfortable (for me) to be outside, the winter months.

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